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Classification of dust collector | preduster machine

Classification of dust collector | preduster machine
1. Gravity dust collector

The gravity dust collector works on the principle of separating the airflow from the dust by using the gravity sedimentation of the dust itself, and is suitable for trapping dust particles larger than 50μm. The gravity dust collector has no moving parts and the equipment has a relatively large size. It is often used to process medium and high-temperature gases, and is mostly used as a pre-dust removal device for a bag filter.
The working principle of the gravity dust collector: When the gas enters the dust reduction chamber of the dust collector from the air inlet pipe, the gas flow rate suddenly decreases due to the sudden increase in the cross-sectional area of ​​the gas flow channel, and the dust gradually settles by its own gravity, and finally falls into the lower collector. In the ash hopper, it is sent out via a conveyor. Gravity dust collectors are divided into gravity dust collectors and multi-layer gravity dust collectors. According to the gas flow direction, they can be divided into horizontal airflow gravity dust collectors and vertical airflow gravity dust collectors.

Two, baffle dust collector

The baffle dust collector is a dust removal equipment that separates the dust from the dust-containing gas by using the effect of the inertial force of the dust in motion greater than the inertial force of the gas. The baffle dust collector has a simple structure, low resistance, and low dust removal efficiency. It is generally used for bags. The pre-dust removal equipment of the type dust collector.
In order to improve the dust removal effect, the baffle dust collector usually sets the baffle into a variety of different structural forms, among which the louver-type baffle is a typical one, which divides the intake air flow into multiple small airflows. Large-scale baffle dust collectors are usually equipped with guide tubes to guide dust and gas to evenly impact on the baffle to improve dust removal efficiency. The dust removal efficiency of the baffle dust collector is higher than that of the gravity dust collector, but lower than that of the cyclone dust collector.

Three, cyclone dust collector

Cyclone dust collectors are also called centrifugal dust collectors, or cyclones. The cyclone dust collector uses centrifugal force to actively exert a force on the dust airflow, and the dust separation effect is much greater than that of baffle dust collectors and gravity dust collectors, so it also uses the most pre-dust removal equipment.
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