What is a forming machine?

What is a forming machine?

The forming machine, also known as the unpacking machine, refers to the automatic completion of unpacking, forming, and bottom folding. And now the lower part of the tape is pasted, the box board that is folded into cardboard is opened, the bottom of the box is folded according to a certain procedure, sealed with tape, and then transported to the special equipment of the boxing machine.

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Ensure the maximum utilization rate of raw materials, increase the efficiency of production line and improve the stability of customer products.

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With 15 years of advanced food processing technology in China, we provide professional fast food processing solutions for meat, poultry,seafood and vegetables.

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Minimize labor cost;Meet requirements of manual cutting products;Maximum usage of raw materials;High efficiency.

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Hiwell Machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd is a very professional manufacturer of forming and coating processing machinery in the application of fast food processing. For decades we have been focusing on the development of the meat, seafood and vegetable fast food and developing the former, batter, preduster and breader machines and related plants, successfully found a perfect solution of many kinds of production line for our customers.  

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How does the forming machine work?

The molding machine works like a syringe for injection. It uses the thrust of the screw (or plunger) to inject the food stuffing in the molten state (or the viscous flow state) into the closed cavity to manufacture the food.

How does the forming machine work?

How to maintain the molding machine?

Pay attention to the cleaning of the circuit board, regularly clean the dust of the strong and weak electric box, keep the electric box dry and prevent moisture. Check all parts of the oil circuit for oil leakage, and deal with it in time. Prevents piston rod scratches and oil deterioration. Check the transmission parts of the machine for wear and tear, check whether each grease fitting is blocked, and add grease.

How to maintain the molding machine?

What are the advantages of our forming machine?

The forming machine of the forming machine is more convenient to operate, and its control program is designed in a fool-like manner, which can be operated without professional training, which solves the adaptability of the forming machine to various materials and block shapes, improves the compactness of the material, and shortens the forming time. cycle.

What are the advantages of our forming machine?
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Nearly 20 years of professional equipment production experience, HIWELL has more than 50 patents, the industry standard was drafted by Hiwell, and the CE certification of German TüV.

Ensure the maximum utilization of raw materials, improve the efficiency of production lines, and improve the stability of customer products.

We can provide professional fast food preparation solutions for meat, seafood and vegetables.

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