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Fesh slicing, Multi angle slicing, suitable for salmon,chiken breast,red meat,bacon and other fesh or cooked meat.

is a flexible multi-angle slicer for producing a wide range of salmon products at high speed. With a capacity of up to 250 cuts/minute, it is the fastest fresh slicer on the market today.

The cutting angle range spans from 10°-68°, enabling the creation of products such as D-cut slices, sushi slices, bacon cuts, raw salmon portions and hot smoked salmon.
To optimize the slicing programme and knife movement, the profile of each fillet is measured at the in-feed. A pre-weighing scale can be added as a valuable optional equipment to register the weight of the fillets, for exact yield calculation and monitoring of the raw material being processed. Furthermore the pre-weighing scale offers a buffer function making it easier for the operator to line up the filets correctly and maintain full capacity.

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