hiwell FOOD Processing Development

Installation & Commissioning

● Industry new product development.
● Product program testing
● Product process optimization
● We have a number of senior pre-sales consultants, and according to your requirements, we will provide you with customized meat, aquatic products and vegetables fast food solutions.


● Theory is combined with practice.
● Operation training, process training, maintenance training.
● Good for hr training center, customer site.
● Equipment operators, production line management personnel, maintenance personnel.
● You can send personnel to our company for training, and we will display the experimental center, simulate production line operation, and conduct all-round training in combination with theory and practice.
● Or we can send engineers to your production site for training.

hiwell Training


● Have various food processing equipment.
● Equipment operation demonstration, sample production, product testing.
● Product process optimization test, new product development design.
● The training center.

hiwell Installation Commissioning

Installation & Commissioning

● We have an efficient and professional service team.
● They knew about equipment operation principle, familiar with the food production process, to understand the key control points from the food industry, at the time of installation and debugging, equipment and production line layout, parameters can be set reasonable planning, process optimization, etc, let you fast, efficient and stable production of products quickly preempted industry opportunities.


● 7 X 24 all-weather standby, comprehensive and quick service.
● Remote solution problems can be solved by telephone, video and other network means to solve the small problems in production.
● Dispatch service engineers to solve the equipment failure which cannot be solved remotely, and dispatch service engineers to troubleshoot the equipment on site.

hiwell maintenance

Spare Parts

● Spare parts inventory is complete and sufficient.
● High quality original fittings, improve the stability and reliability of the equipment, minimize downtime.
Good for has 1500 square meters of warehouse, perfect sufficient spare parts, and a number of international express company to sign the agreement, to ensure that the spare parts delivered quickly and reliably and the production line to resume production quickly, and reduce downtime.

hiwell retrofitting


● According to the continuous development of industry, and the new requirements and expectations, good to have a responsibility to your mechanical equipment for the corresponding optimization and transformation, to improve the performance and reliability of the equipment, prolong the service life of equipment, reduce the cost of you.