Combined Contact Cooker

Combined Contact Cooker

Category: Contact cooking

Combined contact cooker has two layers parallel non-stick belts providing contact cooking on both sides simultaneously.  The food is fully cooked and wonderfully browned.  It has a wide application for formed, whole muscle, marinated, boneless or bone-in products. It can also be used for various pasta products, such as bake bread, shortbread, etc.

1.The food can be cooked without adding fat.  This way can reduce product’s fat content, more suitable for healthy diet culture. 
2.Contact cooking can help food being pre-injected or richly coated and covered by sticky marinades. The moisture and juice are firmly locked inside the product to ensure that the product has a juicy taste and a special grilled aroma. 
3.No belt marks on products.

1.Non-stick belt, multi choice for sticky and marinated product.
2.Space between the upper and lower conveyor belts can be adjusted quickly, applicable for various products with different thicknesses. 
3.Baking temperature can reach 260℃, independent temperature control area, suitable for single-sided or double-sided baking. 
4.With scraper and high-pressure on-line continuous cleaning device, keeping the conveyor belt clean at all times and maintain product integrity. 
5.With operator friendly touch panel, convenient to adjust speed, temperature and heating time. 
6.Disassemble design, easy to clean.
7.304 Stainless steel made and food grade non-metal material, in conformity with the standard of HACCP.
Technical parameter
Model SMJ600-II
Speed of the belt 3-15m/min adjustable
Input height 1050±50mm
Output height 1050±50mm
Effective cooking width 560mm
Effective cooking length 1800mm
Effective cooking height 5-50mm adjustable
Power 61kw
Width of the belt   650mm
Overall dimension 3400x1114x1700mm