Forming plates

Forming plates

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Forming products with endless innovation

Square, round, heart…large variety of shapes make the customer more choices to produce foods with great profit. 

Hiwell can design not only the 2D products but also the 3D products.




Forming plates

High quality imported nonmetal material guarantee a long service life. You can also choose alloy material.
Accurate CAD simulation design.
Advanced manufacturing equipment can ensure gap between metal spacer and forming plate, minimize the material leakage during forming processing.

Knockout units

The knockout units can ensure quick removal of the formed products from the plates orderly. Water or air knockout units can be optionally designed, making the knocking-off and cleaning both easy.

Mould calculation

Through the way of Android phone software and viewing our website (, it can calculate the product weight (or confirm the product thickness and overall dimension through the product weight )and is convenient for developing new product.