Intelligent Dicer IQKJ2-200-II

Intelligent Dicer IQKJ2-200-II

Intelligent dicer is a two-dimensional intelligent cutting machine. The cutting position can be fixed by laser scanning and software calculation which maximizes dice yield and improve the production capacity.  It provides complete versatility for cubing of whole muscle by spiral and circular blades. It can realize accurately cutting the meat into strips, steaks, cubes and dicing for beef, chicken, pork, lamb, seafood, cheese cooked meat and other products temperature less than -2℃. It can be combined with horizontal slicer to realize accurate size cutting of 3D products.


1.The circular blade can be changed to cut different size. 
2.Gentle feeding and discharging keep moisture in the product which minimizes breakage and maximizes dice yields.
3.It is designed with tool free disassembly, including removal of the conveyor belt, reduces change-over time and keeps good sanitation. 
4.The whole machine is made of food grade stainless steel 304 and FDA-compliant non-metal materials. 
5.Advanced servo control system, conveyor belt and blade can be controlled to ensure the accuracy of cutting.


Intelligent cutting 

The position of the raw material can be tested by sensor to make sure the spiral cut

The first blade cut is with fixed length, free removal.

To avoid wasting of raw material, the length of material is equally divided by software analytical calculation.

After parameter setting, the front dimension a, the end dimension b, two different cutting dimensions.

Customized weight and size cutting can be realized by sensor changes


The first cut with spiral blade. 

The second cut with circular blade.

High production capacity with nice cutting shape. 

Finished product is standard cube shape with no connective pieces and irregular shape sizes.

Touch screen operation interface

The operation is simple and convenient, and the spiral cutting of the product can be adjusted directly through the touch screen; It also can cut according to the recipe, various recipes can be used.

Technical Parameter
Model                          IQKJ2-200-II(double lanes) IQKJ-200-II(single lanes)
Belt width 2×203.2mm 203.2mm
Cutting size ≥10mm(Spiral blade), ≥8mm(Circular blade) ≥10mm(Spiral blade), ≥8mm(Circular blade)
Product temperature ≥-2℃ ≥-2℃
Belt speed 2~10m/min adjustable 2~10m/min adjustable
Input height 1000±50mm 1000±50mm
Output height 1000±50mm 1000±50mm
Power 11KW 6kw
Overall dimension 2958×1544×1686mm 2958×1005×1686mm