Intelligent Horizontal Slicer IFQJ2-20

Intelligent Horizontal Slicer IFQJ2-20

Intelligent Horizontal Slicer IFQJ2-20

Scanning and measurement of irregular meat are used, analytical calculation by software, which can get the product cutting thickness and do the horizontal cutting. Then it can make sure the required thickness and weight. It can be connected with intelligent portion cutter to realize the automatically cutting for chicken steak. It can apply to the horizontal cutting for poultry and fish.






Intelligent Horizontal Slicer

Application example of the product cutting:

Upper and lower part equal thickness cutting, according to the chicken breast thickness

Fixed weight cutting to different weight chicken breast, making sure the upper part or lower part meet the weight requirement.

Upper part and lower part equal weight cutting according to the chicken breast weight.

Thickness cutting according to the different size of the chicken leg steak, to guarantee optimum usage of raw material.

Production data management:

Data interface can directly connect PC output or mobile output, to realize the output management of the production data, such as the production capacity, qualified rate, energy consumption, production time and so on.

Software support:

Designing the reasonable cutting recipe according to the actual production needs, to make sure the optimum usage of raw material

Maintenance service:

365×7×24 service mode, to make sure the production line working well.

Intelligent Horizontal Slicer IFQJ2-20


Cutting parameter can be easily adjusted by touch screen.
Cutting by the recipe, and can customize multiple recipes;
Such as: 1. Cutting the equal thickness; 2. Cutting the equal weight;
3. Cutting the chicken breast one divides into two;
4. Cutting chicken leg steak with the raw material size, it can guarantee optimum usage of raw material.



The two dimensional measurement of irregular meat is used, analytical cal cualtion by software, which can get the product cutting weight and thickness.
Imported scanning and measurement system to make sure the high cutting precision, weight error ≤±8%.




Can do the horizontal cutting, adjusting the cutting thickness by software calculation.



Apply European standard blade.



Trimsort system removes upper trim parts.


Adopting imported module type belt, long service life. 
Floating press belt device, applied to the different thickness products.

Adopting the FESTO pneumatic components, and SIEMENS electrical apparatus.
CE approved safety protection device.
Adopting the 304 stainless steel and engineering plastics, meet the HACCP requirement.


Model                     IFQJ28-III IFQJ2-20   
Belt width   254mm 2X203mm
Belt speed  5~20m/min  5~20m/min 
Weight error ≤±8% ≤±8%
Cutting speed 60pcs/min (by chicken breast)    120pcs/min (by chicken breast)
Input/Output height 1050±50mm  1050±50mm 
Power  2.08kW 2.78kW
Overall dimension  2512×1180×1610mm 2512×1380×1610mm