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Features of drum breader machine

Features of drum breader machine
features of drum breader machine
drum breader machine consists of input conveyor, drum, vibration screen and output belt. it fits for the coating of chicken strips, chicken popcorn. beef strips, and other meat products.

features of the drum
1. an adjustable level of flour on the flour bed is constantly maintained. 
2. ajdustable speed, controllable coating percentage.
3. drum tumbling can deliver consistent coating quality with the authentic home-style look, taste and bite.
4. handles boneless and bone-in products.

features for vibration screen

1. Uniqpue vibration mechanism design.
2.Simultaneous vibrate wet powder and agglomerated particles.
3.After vibrating screen, the gathered dough will be removed, and the recycle flour is conveyed back to machine feeding part by bottom conveyor to make sure the stability of flour recycling.
4.Minimize the flour loss.