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Conveyor belt principle

Conveyor belt principle
The principle of the conveyor belt is simply a flat conveyor belt and a climbing conveyor belt that drive the conveyor belt through two rollers. One is the driving wheel, which cooperates with the guiding power of the motor, and the other is auxiliary tensioning. The middle part is mostly smooth stainless steel plane.

There are many kinds of conveyor belts available in the industry, mainly including grinding belts, accumulation belts, pattern belts, turning belts, non-woven belts and other products. The conveyor belt should have the characteristics of strong grip, wear resistance, low noise, oil resistance, chemical substances, antistatic, lateral stability and so on!

In the process of transporting items, smooth and efficient operation is guaranteed, even if the items slide laterally or leave the belt. The unique pattern design of the conveyor makes it extremely strong, and the conveying effect of instant inclination angle is excellent.

The non-woven tape is very strong, has good conductivity, anti-sticking and temperature resistance, and can be widely used in the steel and rubber tire industries. The helper belt has the characteristics of wear resistance, good lateral stability and anti-static accumulation.