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Components of conveyor belt systems

Components of conveyor belt systems
There are many types of conveyor systems, but they are all used to transport materials. Some products may require a system without belts, using only rollers or wheels for flexible movement. However, many conveyor systems rely on a frame with belts and possibly support rollers to efficiently move materials and products.

All conveyor systems have three main components – stainless steel structure, drive unit and end unit.

In the conveyor belt system, the stainless-steel structure consists of the frame, the conveyor belt and any supports. Systems using belts are usually driven by electric motors. Motorized conveyor belts are more reliable and efficient and ideal for industrial applications, the drive for this type of system includes the motor mount, electric drive and any counter bearings.

The end unit of a conveyor belt system typically includes any pulleys and clamping belts. Additional brackets or lateral rails may be required for specific variations or features, so consider your industry's needs when selecting these optional accessories.