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Transport Advantages of Belt Conveyors

Transport Advantages of Belt Conveyors
1) Compact and simple structure
The belt conveyor is composed of several large parts such as belts, idlers, rollers, and driving devices, and has a compact and simple structure.

2) Flexible and convenient to use
belt conveyors can be used to transport goods in various places as needed. And the use of belt conveyor is not limited to indoor or outdoor.

3) Simple maintenance later
Only the rollers of the conveyor belt need to be maintained frequently. Its structure is relatively simple, and the wear of other components is relatively small, so maintenance is generally not required.

4) Long conveying distance, large capacity and low energy consumption
The belt conveyor can be customized, its conveying distance can be customized according to the needs, and the carrying capacity is large, but the energy consumption is relatively small.

5) Can save a lot of manpower
The belt conveyor only needs to be handled by someone at the transmission port of the conveying, which saves a lot of manpower in transportation.