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Introduction to the correct use of the crumbing machine

Introduction to the correct use of the crumbing machine
Operation and use of the crumbing machine:

(1) Preparation before starting up
1. Check the integrity and fastening of the parts, the fixing must be firm.
2. Check whether the wheel is locked firmly on the base.
3. Check the lubrication condition of the bearing.

(Two) boot
1. After the above inspection is completed, start the motor to run. use the proper amount of bread crumbs to run a few minutes, if no problem happened, coat meat for trial running.
2. the coating amount can be adjusted. adjust the handle to try the best amount on meat.
3. If abnormal noise, blockage of the discharge material, overheating of the bearing or motor is found during the working process, the feeding should be stopped, and the machine should be stopped for inspection and troubleshooting.
4. At the end of the work, the residual materials in each part of the machine should be cleaned. The machine must be wiped off for a long period of time and covered with a tarp cloth.