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About the daily maintenance of the vibrating screen

About the daily maintenance of the vibrating screen
The vibrating screen needs maintenance to ensure its service life.

1. Carefully check whether the fastening bolts of each joint of the sieve machine are loose. If it is loose and continue to run, it will cause damage to the screen.

2. Whether the wiring from the vibration motor to the switch is worn or not, use neoprene vibration-resistant cables when replacing the cables. Operation with missing items is strictly prohibited.

3. Check whether the motor has abnormal sound and abnormal heating.

4. Whether the screen is tensioned and the surface of the screen is damaged. If there is any damage, change the screen in time.

5. The inside of the vibrating screen must be cleaned after each use.

Maintenance of equipment:

1. Refuel frequently when the equipment is running.

2. A minor repair and maintenance should be carried out every three months, and a major overhaul should be carried out in 6-12 months. During the overhaul, check the motor, whether the fasteners are loose or not, disassemble the vibrator to clean and check the bearings and oil seals. They should be replaced if they are severely worn. .