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Relevant science knowledge of vibrating screen

Relevant science knowledge of vibrating screen
Vibrating screen is a common machine, but many people don't know much about vibrating screen.

1. Model selection

Mainly based on the following conditions:

1. The name, bulk density, viscosity, and temperature of the screened material

2. Hourly processing capacity

3. Number of screen mesh

4. The particle size ratio of the material and the required screening accuracy

5. Acidity and alkalinity of materials

6. The size of the space where the vibrating screen is placed on the production site

2. Installation of vibrating screen

1. Remove the transportation support. Since the base of the sieve machine and the sieve frame are connected by springs, the upper part of the sieve machine is firmly supported by transportation during transportation. After entering the installation site, the transportation support should be removed. It is strictly forbidden to test the machine without taking the transportation support.

2. The screen machine should be placed on a horizontal foundation during installation. If the foundation is not laid, a vibration-proof rubber sheet should be laid between the workbench and the machine base.

3. The vibrating motor and the cable in the sieve machine are subjected to severe vibration, and should be connected to a standard ground wire for safety.