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The composition and introduction of conveyor belt

The composition and introduction of conveyor belt
The conveyor belt is the carrier medium of the conveyor system, and it is one of the most widely used conveyor systems. It is to provide power to one or more pulleys to move the belt and the material on the belt forward along the system.

So what is the conveyor belt made of? Conveyor belts normally consist of one or more layers of material. Conveyor belts with different thicknesses and patterns are selected according to the conditions of the materials and the transportation environment.

Usually the tensile force is provided by industrial polyester cloth with lateral stability. The coating is composed of PVC/PU/PE/SIR and other materials, which ensures the stability and mechanical properties of the conveyor belt. Applicable to more application scenarios.

In today's industrial production, the increase of labor costs, the improvement of production efficiency and the application of some new technologies and harsh application scenarios of transmission systems are increasing. Conveyor belt machinery is the most common power transmission equipment. It is widely used because of its wide use and low cost and its ability to handle materials of various shapes, regardless of size, weight, and turning.

Finally, what industries can our conveyor belts be used in? Due to the improvement of our automation level, various conveying systems are widely used in food, meat, poultry, seafood, plant-based food, and other vegan products.