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Safety operation regulations for intelligent meat dicer machine

Safety operation regulations for intelligent meat dicer machine
About the safe operation of intelligent meat dicer machine
1. The operator must be familiar with the performance, specifications and the role of each part of the intelligent meat dicer machine to ensure safe operation.
2. The operator of the intelligent meat dicer machine should have neat clothes and hats, and the sleeves should not be too long, and the energy should be concentrated during the operation, and the habituality should not be careless.
3. Before using the intelligent meat dicer machine, check whether there are obstacles in its transmission parts, whether each lubrication position is filled with lubricating oil, whether each safety protection device is reliable.
4. When starting the switch, there should be no water in your hands. First open the empty machine to run, observe whether there is any abnormal phenomenon, the empty machine time can not be too long to prevent damage to the blade. Operation with gloves is prohibited.

5. When adding meat, it must be uniform and not too much to avoid damage to the motor. If the machine is found to be running abnormally, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and the cause should be checked after stopping.
6. After the operation is completed, disconnect the power supply and clean the knife set to ensure food hygiene. You can rinse the surface of the body cloth with water when cleaning.
7. When the electric appliance of the intelligent meat dicer machine fails, it must be shut down immediately. It is strictly forbidden to disassemble the mechanical and electric parts without permission, and must be repaired by professional maintenance personnel.

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