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Hiwell attend the CIMIE 2020 exhibition in Qingdao, China.

Hiwell attend the CIMIE 2020 exhibition in Qingdao, China.
The 18th China International Meat Industry Exhibition (CIMIE 2020) will be held on 10th -12th September, 2020 in Qingdao City, China. Welcome to visit Hiwell machinery, booth No. S5025

In the 100m² booth site, 8 sets of meat processing machines are showed. Hiwell will do the live running of 2D fresh meat cutting production line, and 3D minced meat forming production line. Engineers in site will do the full explanation of the meat processing solutions. 

Brand new 3D forming concept 

Hiwell introduce the brand-new 3D forming solution to make more possibilities on the fast food market. 
3D ball product—meatball with different taste and bite
3D cylinder-shaped product—skinless sausages
3D irregular-shaped product–boneless drumsticks

Intelligent 2D fresh meat cutting solution
Hiwell firstly introduced the 2D fresh meat cutting solution for chicken popcorn, chicken nuggets and chicken strips in domestic market, and then we upgrade this solution by using the intelligent design concept and fixing weak points of the old line. 

The intelligent dicer machine can cut the strips and cubes with different dimensions only by one machine, and connect with the vibration screen to screen out the unqualified products, maximizing the production yield and saving the labor. 3D products can be achieved connecting with the horizontal slicer.  

Intelligent cutting solution for customized products

Intelligent cutting machine has the ability to measure, calculate and making the best cutting plans for the fully use of raw material and get the customized products. If you have the strict control on the meat dimension, shape and weight, please come to Hiwell booth and have a discussion of intelligent solution for your products

Strict on the weight and keep the natural shape at the same time, such as the chicken steak in MacDonald. 

Both strict on the dimension and weight, such as the chicken leg steak in KFC.