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Hiwell hosts the online exhibition to connect with customers

Hiwell hosts the online exhibition to connect with customers
Because of the Covid-19, Hiwell and customers cannot do some regular connecting as before, such as the Canton Fair twice of a year in Guangzhou city, Seafood Expo Global every year and other exhibitions hold in the next half year, which are also canceled or postponed.  All the equipment research and development of Hiwell is based on the customer requirement and feedback, so Hiwell decide to make full use of the online exhibition to provide better service for customer.

Hiwell attends the virtual Canton Fair online, sales manager and engineers do the presentation of meat poultry and seafood processing machines. During 15th-24th, June, Canton Fair, Hiwell chooses some new machines and popular selling machines to do detailed introduction, including the automatic multi forming machine AMF600-V, horizontal meat slicer FQJ2-200-VII, drum breader GFJ600-VII, and intelligent portion cutter CUT28. These machines can not only work independently, but also make a processing line with other Hiwell machines.

The automatic multi forming machine AMF600-V, production capacity is around 800-1600 kg/h, the speed can reach to 100 strokes per min, the world advanced level. It can connect with batter, breader, preduster, fryer to make various fast food in the KFC and MacDonald. The horizontal meat slicer FQJ2-200-VII, can not only work independently to slice the fresh meat into multiple layers, and do butterfly cutting, but also can connect with strip cutter, 2D dicer, flattener, or intelligent portion cutter to produce more products, such as the strips, cubes, steaks, popcorns, and others. the machines are fit for fresh and boneless chicken meat, fish, beef and pork. For the homestyle coated products, the new drum breader can give customer a good solution. Based on the customer different recipes, the drum breader, batter, bulk loader and vibrating screens can connect to form a processing line as per customer needs. For the fresh meat need to cut into equal weight pieces or other requirement, using manually cutting is not accurate, or costs a lot of labor, the intelligent portion cutter CUT28 is a perfect choice. Weight error is less than 2%, cutting speed reach to 1000 pcs/min.

In the presentation, the Hiwell history, factory condition, machine function, machine details, spare parts, after sales service, anything customers interested are included.

The virtual booth is set in the factory,presenters around the machines, by introducing the machines, the customers can watch the machine appearance, the spare parts brand, the  simple operations, and also machine working videos.

Hiwell is sending machines to customer normally. Since we cannot send engineer to customer factory, we still provide service in other ways. We make the machine operation and maintenance video for customer. Anything confused, can connect directly with engineer on line to explain in details.

Hiwell live will become the norm in the following days. The online expo is showing on the Facebook and YouTube. Welcome to follow us.
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